Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Darkness draws together the shadows across the concrete jungle I call home. A few of the more dominant females venture out into the gathering gloom to call their offspring in before nightfall. One cry rings out louder than all the rest:

"Oy! Get yer fuckin' fat arse in here right now, ya li'l bastard!"

You'd think this mother would have learnt by now that screaming insults and obscenities doesn't really work, but then she's possibly not the brightest firefly in the wood. Fat arse hangs back longer than the rest as he always does, whining in anticipation of that customary clip around the ear. Still, he may be one of the lucky ones since most of his pals' mothers really don't seem to give a shit if their kids stay out all night.

One thing has always baffled me though: who is this woman aiming her insults at when she calls her own child a bastard?